At BLS, we pride ourselves on providing high quality training that is also enjoyable. Below are just a few of the comments we’ve had from our satisfied customers


First Aid Course

I attended your first aid course back in June, a requirement for work. This afternoon my 18 month old son woke in a coughing fit and began to choke. when I realised what was happening what you taught me kicked in, and although I was panicking, I managed to keep his older sister calm enough to call an ambulance, whilst attending to him. I wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher and making these courses fun to learn."

"Without having attended your class I'm afraid my last memory of my son would be him lifeless and turning purple in my arms, as we were at my DD's house and it would've taken the ambulance more than 20 minutes to reach us. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me

Metro North Anglicare – Stafford

Provide First Aid

I’d just like to formally pass on the compliment about yourself and the training you have provided today at Anglicare Metro North. A number of the staff approached me in the breaks stating how fantastic the training was. One staff member reported she had attend lots of first aid courses but this one was by far the best. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service that clearly had the team engaged and learning – look forward to working with you and the company again in the future as more training is required.

Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local – Eight Mile Plains

Provide CPR

Just wanted to share with you about our First Aid training this week. We trialed a new company and they came onsite to do both CPR and full First Aid training. The assessor was brilliant and the girls actually had fun learning first aid. Very surprising to hear from many of the staff that it was the first time that they actually felt confident to perform first aid and CPR after a training course."

"Excellent presenter & fun", "Great, entertaining & informative", "Fantastic. Was great because practical, simple, funny & easy to remember", "Enjoyable Learning Activity", "Thoroughly enjoyed and food was excellent.

Brisbane South Primary Health Network – Carina Medical and Specialist Centre

Provide CPR

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback that I received this morning.

I had a visit at Carina Medical and Specialist Centre and met with the 3 nurses from this practice. We were discussing upcoming education and they mentioned they had recently attended the CPR training. All 3 of the nurses said that this was the best CPR training they had ever received and found the trainer to be extremely informative and helpful. They said that they got more knowledge out of this session than they had from any other CPR training where they had to pay more money to attend. They had so many positive things to say about this session and are now really excited about some of our upcoming education

Provide CPR Attendee

Eatons Hill, July, 2017

I just wanted to say that Colin MacDonald was an awesome assessor. I could
have soaked up his knowledge all day long.
His honest approach  made the experience real and that's what I liked about
his training. I know I will remember what he taught me better than any other
training I have done.
He was truly inspirational and I will be coming back to BLS to do all my
first aid requirements.

Provide CPR Attendee

Albany Creek, July 2017

Awesome course, great teacher. Will come back again, and recommend to everyone

Provide First Aid Attendee

Petrie, September 2017

Brilliant presentation! Very informative and easy to understand.

Provide CPR Attendee

Albany Creek, September 2017

Brilliant, informative, hands on!

Provide First Aid Childcare Attendee

Everton Hills, September 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Learnt some new things. Great hands on experience.

Provide CPR Attendee

Warner, September 2017

Best course I have been a part of

Provide First Aid Attendee

Samford Valley, September 2017

Everything was covered in a logical, professional, sequence & manner.

Provide First Aid Attendee

Currumbin, September 2017

This course was great - hands on, practical, very informative.

Provide First Aid Attendee

Everton Hills, September 2017

Learnt heaps in such a short time. Instructor was so knowledgeable and well prepared.

Low Voltage Rescue Attendee

Yugar, September 2017

Very god explanations. Very easy to understand. Highly recommend 🙂

Provide First Aid Attendee

Jindalee, September 2017

Very well run and very engaging - Mick is great!

Provide First Aid Attendee

Carina, September 2017

Great course. Best first aid course I've completed. Mick was brilliant. Thank you

Provide First Aid Attendee

West End, September 2017

Excellent - Feel way more confident in an emergency situation.

Provide CPR Attendee

Samford, October 2017

Great course. Up to date information. Clear, precise, detailed.

Provide First Aid, Childcare

Eatons Hill, October 2017

Colin was great, with great practical references. Would recommend him highly.

Provide CPR Attendee

THe way this course was taught was great, and full of empathy. Easy to understand =)