Tonic Clonic Seizure

Characterised by convulsive seizures where the body stiffens (tonic phase) folled by general muscle jerking (clonic phase).

Do Not

  • Put anything in the person’s mouth
  • Restrain the person
  • Move person unless in danger


  • Stay with the person
  • Time seizure
  • Protect from injury, especially the head
  • Roll onto side after jerking stops OR immediately if food, fluid or vomit is in the mouth
  • Observe breathing
  • Gently reassure until recovered

Focal Dyscognitive Seizure (Complex Partial)

Characterised by non-convulsive seizures with outward signs of confusion, inappropriate responses or behaviour.

Call 000 for an Ambulance if:

  • You are in any doubt
  • Injury has occured
  • There is food/fluid/vomit in the mouth
  • Seizure occurs in water
  • Person has breathing difficulties
  • Anter seizure quickly follows
  • If the person is unconscious & actively seizing
  • The person is non-responsive after seizure

Do Not

  • Restrain the person unless they are in danger


  • Stay with the person
  • Time seizure
  • Genrtly guid away from harm
  • Reassure until recovered