First Aid Training is a very important skill, and even more-so when in a busy working environment.

BLS First Aid provided First Aid & CPR Training to the friendly and vibrant staff of Primary Healthcare South, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The staff were trained on a variety of lifesaving methods and skills, from the recovery position to defibrillation.

We hope the staff of Primary Healthcare South enjoyed their First Aid Session as much as we did, and we hope they went away feeling confident in their new skills.

The Staff performing CPR with a Defibrillator
The Staff performing CPR with a Defibrillator
Practicing infant CPR techniques using mannequins at Primary Healthcare South, under the guidance of BLS First Aid.
The Staff performing CPR on the infant mannequins
Engaging First Aid Training Session: Performing CPR on Mannequins with Primary Healthcare South Staff
Many thanks again to Primary Healthcare South for allowing us to take photos of their First Aid Session